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Together at YiaYia’s house in Vourvoura, a village in southern Greece, Spiro Chakalos who immigrated to the United States with his wife Demetra in 1956 came with nothing but pocket change and an eagerness to work hard.


In 1971 the Chakalos family purchased the property in New Baltimore, Virginia where Northside 29 is today. The business was originally a restaurant called Town and Country. Today the restaurant has been renamed Northside 29 and the Chakalos family continues to work hard to make sure that this labor of love stays an icon in this community.


Northside 29 is committed to giving back to the community that gives to us. We purchase our ingredients locally as often as possible to deliver high-quality, farm-to-table food. 


We support local fundraisers! Host a Spirit Night for your school, school group or local charity. 10% of the sales for that night go directly to your organization. Email to set up!

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